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This strong metal SECURITY DOOR BAR JR installs under the inside door knob and then presses on the  oor to wedge the door so that it is much harder, if not impossible, for it to be opened from the outside. This will gives your family an added measure of security and, most importantly, peace of mind. Our SECURITY DOOR BAR JR is made from a heavy gauge metal tube with plastic  oor and knob grips. It is 33 5/8” long, and adjusts up to 38 7/8” long.
• A strong metal tube with custom hard plastic  oor and door knob grips.
• It wedges under the door knob and then presses on the  oor so that it can’t be removed from the outside of the
• It is a Ideal low cost method for adding security your door ways.
• It greatly Improves security on hinged doors.
• Note, it can also be used on sliding glass doors by laying it in the track.
• It has been tested to be able to withstand up to 350 lbs of force.
• Made from rugged 20-gauge steel construction.
• Weighs 1 lb.
• The SECURITY DOOR BAR JR provides your home with added safety by reinforcing doors from outside
This security solution is possibly the lowest cost SECURITY DOOR BAR JR devise available that can help prevent single entry door kick-ins. Based on published FBI information, the most popular access to homes or business is to “just kick the door in”. This system was designed to stop or delay a intruder (think HOME INVASION) from gaining access to the inside using this method of entry. By adding one or more of these units to your home and/or commercial property you create one of the most cost effective security solution possible, and a devise that just may totally stop break-ins from occurring...PERIOD.
The standard soft wood door jamb normally has very short screws that hold the hinges and latch but offers almost no forced entry security. Now by using this jamming devise, the outside break in force is transferred away from the hinge and knob, thus giving additional protection.
The system is very easy to install and remove by the user from the inside, but adds the mind comfort that it cannot be removed from the outside. The principal is, as force is applied from the outside, a greater resistance is applied to the door from the inside.
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